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At Rocca Concrete Construction, all of our solutions are engineered with your long-term satisfaction in mind. Our company takes great pride in our workmanship and look forward to the opportunity to preserve your investments.



A new patio is a great way to enjoy your free time with your family in a comfortable outdoor living space, as well as improve the curb appeal!


If you can dream it, we can make it happen!



Not all driveways are created equal. We pride ourselves in building long lasting quality driveways in the Rogue Valley. Built to compliment your home and built to last if you can imagine it we can build it.



Getting ready to build a new shop. Great! We can easily work with your contractor to build to any specifications. A solid concrete floor is the first step in having a sturdy shop from the ground up.

Shop Slabs


Stamped concrete is a system that duplicates natures texture with incredible realism and durability. It’s a great way to add value that will last. All of our stamps are classic time-tested patterns that will never fade or go out of fashion. Whether it’s the look of slate, limestone, brick or wood, these patterns will add not only beauty and appeal to your property, but value as well.

Stamped Concrete


Rather than the blinding color of fresh poured gray, Imagine your walkway colored in rustic earth tones complimenting your landscape or your patio. Add life by adding some color! We’ll assist you in choosing a color that best compliments your home, office or landscape. Integral color is the process of adding the desired color directly into the concrete truck during the mixing process. This leaves the finished product the desired color throughout the thickness of the concrete. There is an overwhelming selection of colors that may be used if you do not choose basic gray.

Colored Concrete


Exposed aggregate is a unique blend of colorful earthy aggregates combined with 25/32mpa cement and mixed with colored oxides. There are different techniques to achieve a desired finish and a wide range of mixes to suit your home.

Exposed aggregate is a popular choice for home owners wishing to enhance their properties with driveways, pool areas and walkways.

Exposed Aggregate


Traditional concrete is often left rough like the sidewalks and driveways you see around. When concrete is sand finished, it can take on a smooth, classy veneer, which resembles the hard sand at ocean beaches when a wave recedes.

Sand Finish
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